Who We Are

CMJ Productions II Inc. is an independent production company specializing in factual series. Shot and viewed around the world, CMJ produces engaging and entertainment programming that explores subjects that impact our lives. CMJ Productions II – by working with a collaborative team of talented and experienced producers, directors, cinematographers, researchers, editors, post-production and special effects experts – is wholeheartedly committed to creative ingenuity and the development and production of high quality documentary programming. CMJ is a full-service production company with in-house post-production facilities, equipment rental, casting, wardrobe and props, archives and distribution services.

CMJ Productions II produced three seasons of the hit series The Will: Family Secrets Revealed for Investigation Discovery US, and it has been sold throughout the world. CMJ Productions II is currently producing Fatal Vows IV, A Stranger in my Home II, Celebrity Legacies, Celebrity Damage Control, Wheels That Fail (WTF), Helico Tout Terrain II, Homemade II and Boogeymen II.

CMJ's diverse production catalogue features numerous shows, including Impostors, Bad Trip, The Will: Outrageous Final Wishes, Accident Investigator I & II, MonsterQuest, Risk Takers I & II, Stunt Stars and Fear Fighters and many more. CMJ's award-winning programming has been licensed around the world, aired by prominent broadcasters such as the Discovery networks (US, Canada and International, including Investigation Discovery and Velocity channels), History (US and Canada), Reelz (US), Canal D (Canada), Évasion (Canada), Canal Vie (Canada) and Crime and Investigation (UK).

Meet Our Team

John Kuyk

Founder, President
CMJ Productions II inc.

John Kuyk, brings over 20 years of experience and expertise in both the Canadian and International Media to his company.

Since he founded CMJ Productions II Inc. in 2001, the independent development and production company has gained a global reputation for its success in the factual series programming arena. From its humble beginning as a start-up, the company today produces nearly 300 hours of original factual series annually and will have seven original series airing in primetime on 14 different networks collectively in the U.S. and Canada under John’s leadership as its CEO and Executive Producer.

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Judith Beauchemin

Executive Vice President
CMJ Productions II Inc.

Judith Beauchemin has overseen productions and operations at CMJ Productions II Inc. for over 13 years. In this role, Judith has independently managed the logistical details of budgets, scheduling and production for notable documentary series including: The Will, The Will: Outrageous Final Wishes, Fatal Vows, A Stranger in my Home, Impostors, Homemade, Boogeymen, Helico Tout Terrain, Bad Trip, Celebrity Legacies, Celebrity Damage Control, Wheels That Fail (WTF), Accident Investigator, Fear Fighters, Risk Takers, Stunt Stars, and MonsterQuest.

In 2012, Judith launched and oversees Post-Prod CMJ Tech, a new division for CMJ Productions II which offers post-production facilities and audio-visual equipment rentals.

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Rita Lamah

Vice President of Finance
CMJ Productions II Inc.

Rita Lamah serves as the vice president of finance for CMJ Productions II Inc. With more than 20 years of experience as a financial manager, she is responsible for overseeing the financial and commercial objectives of CMJ Productions II Inc.

Prior to joining CMJ Productions, Ms. Lamah served as chief financial officer of Vivavision Inc., a leading entertainment firm involved in the production of television series and feature films. In that role she negotiated television co-production agreements and project acquisitions, while overseeing the company’s financial systems and budgets.

She also served as president of Option Strategik Inc. a company that provides a wide range of consulting services relative to finance, taxation, cash flow management and project management.

Ms. Lamah has also spent numerous years as an auditor for companies such as Deloitte & Touche, Rowen and Associates, and Schwartz Levitsky Feldman. In her time as an auditor, she was responsible for providing accounting and business services to small businesses as well as scheduling audits, reporting finances and preparing corporate income taxes.

She is a member of the Canadian Institute of chartered professional accountants. She received a Bachelors in Accounting Sciences from the University of Quebec in Montreal, and her Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Lebanon. She continued her education at the University of Montreal where she studied televisual and cinema management. In addition to her strong work ethic and management skills, Ms. Lamah is multi-lingual (English, French and Arabic).

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Sylvia Wilson

Series Producer
CMJ Productions II Inc.

Sylvia Wilson, a primetime Emmy Award-winner, serves as a series producer for CMJ Productions II Inc., a global independent production company specializing in factual series. Ms. Wilson, who prides herself on constructing authentic stories about love, death, politics and power, has also served as a content supervisor while at CMJ Productions.

Most recently, Ms. Wilson has closely supervised CMJ Productions’ original series: A Stranger in My Home (Seasons 1&2), Natural Born Outlaws, Fatal Vows (Season 1-3), The Will (Season 3) and Impostors, to name a few.

Prior to joining CMJ Productions, Ms. Wilson successfully served as a story editor for select episodes of Apartment 11’s Way off Broadway which aired on Bravo Canada network. She also spent several years with Galafilm Inc. where she was one of the producers for the 13-part documentary series entitled Cirque du Soleil Fire Within. The series, co-produced by Cirque du Soleil’s Créations Musca; and broadcast on Global, Bravo USA, and Artv, was honored with the 2003 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Non-fiction Program (Alternative) and the 2003 Gemini Award for Best Reality Based Entertainment Program or Series.

She has also devoted her time to illuminating stories regarding life outside of America by serving as a line producer for, among others, Galafilm’s CBC documentary about ethnic identity and politics among other cultures titled China’s Sexual Revolution, which investigated changing sexual attitudes in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Ms. Wilson is a three-time Gemeaux Award Winner: the 2007 Gemeaux Award Winner: Best Social Documentary for the CBC, Radio-Canada broadcast of In the Crossfire: Louise Arbour and the Battle for Human Rights; the 2006 Gemeaux Award Winner: Best Documentary Series for the CBC, Radio-Canada broadcast of Big Sugar; and the 2004 Gemeaux Award Winner: Best Documentary Series for the Radio-Canada broadcast of Marché Jean-Talon.

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Shannon L'Hérault

Archives Supervisor
CMJ Productions II inc.

As Archives Supervisor, Shannon oversees CMJ's in-house Archives department as it seeks out supporting images and video for documentary series and follows through with their clearance. She manages a team of archival researchers and acts as liaison with each production.

Since arriving at CMJ in 2010, Shannon has helped build the Archive department from nothing to the buzzing hive of activity it is today. She and her team have provided and organized over 30 000 visual items crucial to supporting our stories and bringing every series to life.

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Lesley Jacobi

Development Creative Director
CMJ Productions II Inc.

As Development Creative Director at CMJ Productions II, Lesley is responsible for all creative aspects of developing new shows. She oversees the generation of new ideas, research, writing, graphics and demo development.

Since joining CMJ in 2013 as a creative member of the development team, Lesley was integral to the creation of many new series for the company and for expanding its offerings in the market place. From comedic clip shows to celebrity disclosures, to dark history series and true crime mysteries, CMJ Productions II now creates increasingly versatile content for broadcasters as varied Discovery ID, Reelz, Velocity and AHC. In 2014, Lesley was promoted to Director and now manages all aspects of the creative department.

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Holly Brace-Lavoie

Development Writer
CMJ Productions II Inc.

As Development Writer at CMJ Productions II, Inc., Holly is responsible for developing new series concepts, writing pitches and creating convincing sales documents. She works closely with a creative team of producers, researchers and directors to generate compelling new content for CMJ’s broadcast partners.

Since joining CMJ in early 2014, Holly has written dozens of pitches, treatments and episode samples for new series being considered by networks like TLC, Nat Geo, Discovery, Smithsonian, AHC, Science, H2, FYI, Destination and Animal Planet. In the process she has streamlined and unified the style and structure of CMJ sales documents.

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Kate Elizabeth Creasey

Development Researcher / Sales
CMJ Productions II Inc.

As Development Researcher at CMJ Productions II, Kate is responsible for vetting new show ideas, researching client networks and services, and finding stories as well as characters and contributors for factual series in development.

Kate joined the development team in February 2016 with over ten years of academic research experience. Prior to joining CMJ, Kate was a Graduate Dean’s Research Fellow in the Department of History at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has also held research positions at Istanbul Bilgi University and the University of Toronto. In 2009 she earned a BA in anthropology and Middle East Studies from the University of Toronto and is completing her PhD at UCLA.

In June 2016 Kate assumed the additional responsibility of pitching CMJ content and concepts to broadcast partners in both the Canadian and US markets. The most recent successes include, Outlaw Tech with Science Channel and Guilty Rich with Investigation Discovery.

She is a member of The American Historical Association, The Middle East Studies Association, and Women in Film and Television Toronto.

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Danny Di Donato

Technical Director
Post-Prod CMJ Tech Inc.

As Technical Director at Post-Prod CMJ Tech, Danny develops the systems and workflows used in all stages of post-production, from the initial shoot, offline cut, color grading, online editing, VFX and graphic animation, right down to the final mastering and delivery. He oversees and trains all Post-Prod CMJ Tech staff, including assistant editors, online editors, graphic artists, and digital image technicians.

Danny joined CMJ in 2013 as an online editor and was soon promoted to technical director of post-production, tasked with re-working methods and processes to accommodate the production volume. With such a high number of edit suites, and corresponding assistant and online editors, concise and efficient workflows became essential to meeting delivery deadlines and ensuring a quality end product.

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