CMJ Productions II Inc. forms a new division CMJ Concepts Inc.


New Unit to Launch at MIPCOM Where it Will Unveil Three New Factual Series

MONTREAL, CANADA, SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 - CMJ Productions II Inc., a global independent production company specializing in high quality factual series, has formed CMJ Concepts Inc. The new division will focus on creating factual production partnerships with like-minded television networks from around the world. The company’s objective is to develop programming that is fully-financed and provides the networks with technically customized series and programs that fit their audience profiles.

To be launched during MIPCOM (Stand: Telefilm Canada Pavilion 00.01), CMJ Concepts Inc. will be headed by television industry veteran Lou Occhicone who will serve as the new unit’s President and Chief Operating Officer.

CMJ Concepts, in addition to nurturing production partnerships, will also be involved in distributing select projects that are not handled under the parent company’s long-term existing distribution agreements. As well, CMJ Concepts will seek to represent factual programming of third party entities that meets its criteria. CMJ Productions II has already been involved in successful co-production projects which have resulted in series airing for multiple seasons including The Will and A Stranger in my Home both for ID in the U.S.

Remarked, CMJ Productions II Founder, CEO and Executive Producer John Kuyk, “I have had great respect for Lou and the way he has conducted business during the many years I have known and worked with him. He always gave my productions the kind of attention and nurturing that a producer could appreciate.” Mr. Kuyk added, “So when we decided to expand our company it was an easy decision to bring Lou aboard. We look forward to working closely with him and having him be part of the CMJ family.”

Noted Mr. Occhicone, “Having been in independent distribution for several years, I have enjoyed the balance needed to tout the inventiveness of producers while looking to fill the needs of buyers and network programmers.” He added, “I have long enjoyed my association with John and his team, and am excited about the opportunity to directly work with him on this new venture and to help grow CMJ Concepts into a successful and respected global player.”

During MIPCOM, CMJ Concepts will be unveiling the following factual series internationally for the first time with international buyers. Each of the series was developed and produced by CMJ Productions II Inc. that will premiere on Évasion the Quebec, Canada-based network that provides viewers a look at the world through adventure, outdoors, sports and competition programming.

  • Bad Trip (Season One 13x60) - As we endure the struggles of everyday life, there’s one thing we always look forward to - our next vacation. For weeks or even months, we make plans and get swept up in the anticipation. But what happens when one of these vacations goes horribly wrong? Bad Trip is a new and exciting, fast-paced travel series that takes a closer look at idyllic vacation scenarios which actually unravel before the eyes of the families who planned them. Enduring bug-infested hotel rooms, broken-down cruise ships and badly timed incidents of food poisoning, these travelers have confronted the dark side of travel - and lived to tell the tale.

  • Boogeymen (Season One 13x60) - When going on the trip of a lifetime one imagines uncovering the region’s beauty, not its local monsters. Boogeymen ventures to small towns that have embraced something unusual as their main attraction: a local monster! Each episode goes in-depth exploring the history of these creatures. From discovering the places where they have been encountered; understanding the myths’ origins; visiting tourist attractions built around the monsters; listening to believers and skeptics and investigating recent sightings. However, no one knows whether or not the beast exists - only the tourists’ eyes can tell.

  • Home Made (Season One 13x60) - This series brings viewers to some of the most unusual structures in the world. Each episode focuses on an unprecedented building, its town and the larger-than-life people who built them. Defying all conventional wisdom, these buildings grow out of great expenditures of imagination, passion and hard work. Explore how each structure became indispensable to its community. By speaking with the builder, builder’s family and friends, the owner, guides, experts and locals - viewers are inspired to visit these locations to admire not only the physical features, but the story behind it: blood, sweat, tears and all. 

Some of the other series that CMJ Concepts will be offering at MIPCOM include:

  • Accident Investigator (9x52) - Rusty Haight, Director of the Collision Safety Institute, takes us step-by-step through the cause and effect of each isolated traffic accident. Every year in North America, there are more than six million of these accidents. Over 40,000 result in fatalities - with roughly 250 million vehicles on North American roadways, traffic accidents are likely to be part of transportation woes for the foreseeable future. Every incident has a story to tell and Haight’s eyes “read” these accident scenes. Viewers see what Haight sees when he reconstructs a scene and teaches police and emergency officials worldwide how to investigate an accident.

  • Nerves of Steel (8x52) - Tantalizing series tells the stories of individuals who perform amazing jobs that the rest of us are too scared to do ourselves. While most of us complain about our day-to-day annoyances, these workers talk about how they almost lose their life every day. The jobs explored in this edge-of-the-seat series are difficult, stressful, dangerous, complex but most of all, spectacular. Bringing viewers directly into the heart of the action, these careers and people alike blow you away in each episode.

  • Regatta (13x52) - Each thrilling episode in this documentary series invites you to explore a new way of travelling. The series combines a true passion for sailing, a love of adventure, a sense of escape and a desire to push one’s own limits. If you are bored with the same old vacationing routine - follow those who board the regatta for a thrilling quest in the ocean, discovering new horizons and opening your eyes to a whole new way of travel.

  • Risk Takers (18x52) - Imagine waking up every morning knowing it may be the last time you see your family. Strapping a gun around their waist or putting on a protective outfit is their daily routine. Risk Takers allows us to know the people who do the kinds of jobs most of us couldn't - or wouldn't dare to - do. The way “risk takers” earn their money is beyond the ordinary. Who are these individuals? One is a police officer in the murder capital of the U.S. Another is a firefighter who regularly searches for people to rescue in the middle of a flaming building. Another is the first on the scene of nasty traffic accidents.

  • Stunt Stars (10x52) - Stunt performers live for their work. They are perfectionists that have mastered a craft that few of us would ever consider for our career. So what drives these flexible, fearless individuals to throw themselves off ten-story buildings, gladly crash a speeding motorbike or eagerly set themselves on fire? It's the excitement of working in Hollywood’s film and television industry and skillfully doing the stunts they love. It's pushing their physical abilities to the limit and going another mile on top of that. Stunt Stars introduces viewers to these daring performers and an insider’s look at the extremes they must go to daily.

  • Top 7 of the Caribbean (13x52) - Top 7 of the Caribbean is a captivating documentary series that allows viewers to discover some of the Caribbean's most breathtaking scenery. If you love sunshine, white sandy beaches, exotic flavors and romantic hideaways - or if you just like to strap on a backpack and discover new places, then this series will serve as your guilty pleasure.

About CMJ Productions II:
CMJ Productions II Inc. is an independent production company specializing in factual series. Shot and viewed around the world, CMJ produces engaging and entertainment programming that explores subjects that impact our lives. CMJ Productions II - by working with a collaborative team of talented and experienced producers, directors, cinematographers, researchers, editors, post-production and special effects experts - is wholeheartedly committed to creative ingenuity and the development and production of high quality documentary programming.

Some of the series for which CMJ Productions II has been responsible include Imposters (distributed by Cineflix), A Stranger in my Home, Fatal Vows, The Will: Family Secrets Revealed (are distributed by Beyond Distribution), Accident Investigator, Risk Takers, Stunt Stars, Monster Quest, Regatta and Outrageous Final Wishes, to name a few. CMJ’s award-winning programming has been licensed around the world and has aired on such prominent networks ranging from History (US), ID: Discover (US), Discovery HD Theater (US), Discovery Health (US), and Mystery Channel (Canada), to Investigation Discovery Canada, Canal D (Canada), Discovery Channel (UK) and Crime and Investigation (UK).

About CMJ Concepts Inc.:
CMJ Concepts Inc., specializing in creating factual production partnerships with like-minded television networks from around the world, is a division of award-winning independent production company CMJ Productions II based in Montreal. Launched during MIPCOM 2013, CMJ Concepts is headed by television industry veteran Lou Occhicone who serves as the new unit’s President and Chief Operating Officer. CMJ Concepts also licenses rights to select original programming produced by CMJ Productions II and represents third party content in the global marketplace.


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