World premiere of CMJ's Guilty Rich on ID


"The rich, protected by their money, coddled all their lives, think they can get away with everything. But they can’t, this quintessential ID series is here to say, in characteristically dark, triumphant tones—one of the essentials that make these stories irresistible."
Dorothy Rabinowitz | The Wall Street Journal

CMJ’s latest true-crime franchise, GUILTY RICH, premieres Thursday August 31st at 10:00pm for a 6 week run on Discovery ID. Each episode tells the tale of a one-percenter from the world of politics, society, entertainment, and finance who use their position and privilege to break - and then often - sway the law with deadly results. Through first-hand accounts from those closest to the crime and the criminal, the series reveals the tipping point where they traded it all - wealth, fame, and power - for a criminal record and a jail cell.

Airing weekly on ID. Thursday from August 31, at 10/9c
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