CMJ launches factual coproduction unit

Montreal-based CMJ Productions II has launched CMJ Concepts, a new division focused on factual production partnerships with networks across the globe, to be headed up by former CABLEready exec Lou Occhicone.

CMJ Concepts will develop fully financed programming to offer networks with customized series and programs. It will also distribute projects not handled under the parent company’s existing distribution agreements and will represent factual programming for third parties.

Occhicone will serve as the new unit’s president and chief operating officer. CMJ Concepts will launch at MIPCOM in Cannes next month with three new factual series: Bad Trip, a travel series on vacations gone awry; Boogeymen, about the history of local monsters; and Home Made, on the story behind unusual buildings.

All three series were developed and produced by CMJ Productions II and will premiere on Canadian network Évasion.

“I have had great respect for Lou and the way he has conducted business during the many years I have known and worked with him,” said CMJ Productions II CEO and executive producer John Kuyk. “So when we decided to expand our company it was an easy decision to bring Lou aboard.”

Occhicone added: “Having been in independent distribution for several years, I have enjoyed the balance needed to tout the inventiveness of producers while looking to fill the needs of buyers and network programmers.”

Kelly Anderson

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