One minute a celebrity is posing for the press, the next minute they're posing for the police. Once their mug shot is plastered all over every gossip rag in the country, they're all anyone is talking about - but not in the good way. Surely getting in trouble with the law would ruin their booming career. And yet...

In Celebrity Damage Control, we find out how celebrities were caught red-handed committing a crime or betraying their family or, sometimes even worse, their fans. Yet they not only survived the disgrace with their careers intact, they come out of it even stronger. From driving under the influence, to shoplifting, to tax evasion, to beating up the paparazzi, to soliciting prostitution, we will unveil Hollywood's most notorious celebrity crimes and scandals and find out how the celebrities somehow manage to survive the upheaval unscathed.

101 - Mike Tyson
102 - Mickey Rourke
103 - Martha Stewart
104 - Sean Penn
105 - Michael Vick
106 - Keith Richards
107 - Tiger Woods
108 - Rob Lowe
109 - Kiefer Sutherland
110 - Lil' Kim (Kim Denise Jones)
111 - Wesley Snipes
112 - Mariah Carey
113 - Winona Ryder
114 - Christian Slater
115 - Paris Hilton
116 - Vanessa Williams
117 - David Duchovny
118 - Ozzy Osbourne
119 - Britney Spears
120 - Arnold Schwarzenegger
121 - Nick Nolte
122 - Tom Cruise
123 - Paula Deen
124 - P Diddy
125 - Angelina Jolie
126 - Ray Lewis

January 2015

For Cable Network, Crime Certainly Pays

Crime is universal, said David M. Zaslav, chief executive of Discovery Communications, which owns the Investigation Discovery network. The stories are set in an American town, but it could be anywhere.

For Discovery, the growth of its true-crime network is part of a plan for international growth as ratings and revenue decline in the United States television market. Revenues in Discovery's international business surpassed its domestic revenues for the first time in 2014, a trend that executives said was expected to grow as the group introduces other offerings abroad, like its Velocity network.
October 2014

Celebrity Damage Control - Behind The Scene

January 2014

Reelzchannel Orders Tabloid Scandal Docuseries

The U.S. cable channel picked up They Got Away With It and Celebrity Estates from CMJ Productions' factual arm.

TORONTO - Want to know how Robert Downey Jr., Hugh Grant and Rob Lowe survived a celebrity scandal with their careers intact?

Canadian producer CMJ Concepts is about to tell Reelzchannel viewers after the U.S. cable network picked up its factual series They Got Away With It.

Reelzchannel also picked up Celebrity Estates from the factual arm of Montreal-based CMJ Productions, a series that probes just how rich celebrities were when they died, young or old.
January 2014

CMJ Productions' factual TV arm has sold two celebrity-themed documentary series to Reelzchannel in the U.S.

CMJ Concepts Inc. also said it had licensed the first season of Home Made to the CBC-owned channel Documentary.

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