Million Dollar Genius is the series that reveals the incredible true stories of ordinary people who started with an idea and through hard-work and perseverance transformed their ideas into wildly successful products.

Some of the stories covered include the creator of the Java Jacket, a simple cardboard coffee cup holder we all use today, the inventor of Rollerblades as well as the person who made millions from his idea for a collapsible garden hose.

Along the way we uncover the secrets of their success from the initial light-bulb moment right through the development and eventual marketing of each idea. Every story has its own unique twists and turns, as well as insights into the mind of each inventor revealing how each overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to become a success.

Each hour contains multiple stories that are aspirational, inspirational, and identifiable; packed with plenty of drama and all ends with big money.

EP101 - Too Hot to Handle
EP102 - Couch Potato King
EP103 - Barbecue Bonanza
EP104 - Selfie Made Man
EP105 - All Tied Up
EP106 - Greatest Grill
EP107 - Donut Destiny
EP108 - Bigger is Better
EP109 - The Wheel Deal
EP110 - Bottoms Up

Million Dollar Genius
10 X 60 minutes
Year - 2016
Format HD
Original Version - English
International Version - Available
Producer - CMJ Productions II inc.

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