Security guards are so 1995. Masked bank holdups are yesterday’s news. Today, the most intriguing heists are like Mission: Impossible, where cunning criminals use ingenious science to outfox the high-security defenses of impregnable fortresses and walk away with millions. An Italian mastermind uses a secret pen-camera to spy the combination of an Antwerp vault, and pull off the biggest diamond theft in history. A science-savvy housewife forms the Tran gang and uses computers and hidden transmitters to “win” millions from casinos across North America. High stakes hackers breach the global banking network and in ten short hours withdraw over $40 million from ATMs around the world.

OUTLAW TECH takes you inside these unbelievable hightech crimes, unpacking the scientifi c theories, processes, and designs used by both crooks and cops as the caper unfolds. We see how science is used to both defend and attack our banks, museums, and prisons.

101 - North Korean Counterfeit Plot
102 - The Real Ocean's 11
103 - Cocaine Sub Wars
104 - Escape of El Chapo
105 - FBI Inside Job
106 - World's Smartest Thief

Outlaw Tech
6 X 60 minutes
Year - 2016-17
Format HD
Original Version - English
International Version - Available
Producer - CMJ Productions II inc.

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