All you will ever need to know about what makes food taste so good

The Know It All Guide To… is a fun, fast-paced, fact-filled series about the secrets and science behind the world’s most popular foods. From the largest cheese ever made, to the beer produced on the moon, The Know It All Guide To… shows you all the facts, hacks and tricks that make food so irresistible.

Episode 101 - Cheese
Episode 102 - Bread
Episode 103 - Beer
Episode 104 - Chicken
Episode 105 - Cookies
Episode 106 - Chocolate
Episode 107 - Coffee
Episode 108 - Burgers
Episode 109 - Bacon
Episode 110 - Apples
Episode 111 - Nuts
Episode 112 - Ice Cream

July 2017


Watch as facts and hacks explode off the screen in this fun, fast paced food show. Who puts the holes in gouda; why does ice cream give you brain freeze; how do you make the perfect apple pie? We'll tell you everything you ever need to know about your favourite food.

The Know It All Guide To…
12 X 30 minutes
Year - 2017
Format HD
Original Version - English
International Version - Available
Producer - CMJ Productions II inc.

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