CMJ Productions is an independent production company that develops, produces and delivers high quality factual TV series for multi-platform partners in the United States, Canada and around the world. Our mission is to create entertaining content that engages audiences, stirs emotions and impacts lives. Whether it’s true-crime, history, science, food or lifestyle we’re committed to making engaging content that moves and that matters.
CMJ is a full-service production company with in-house post-production facilities, equipment, casting and archives services. Our collaborative team of experienced producers, directors, researchers, editors, post-production and special effects experts – works tirelessly to creative innovative documentary programming.

CMJ is currently preparing for a sixth season of the crime phenom Fatal Vows. Other credits include Guilty Rich, A Stranger in my Home, The Know-It-All Guide To, How The World Ends, Outlaw Tech, Million Dollar Genius, Natural Born Outlaws, Monster Quest, Celebrity Legacies, Celebrity Damage Control, Wheels That Fail, Helico Tout Terrain, Homemade, The Fear Fighters, Risk Takers, Imposters, Accident Investigator and Boogeymen.
Our award-winning content is licensed around the world, and aired by broadcasters including Investigation Discovery, Science Channel, History, FYI, American Heroes Channel and many more.
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