CMJ makes the Realscreen’s Global 100

Spring arises, and brings with it another edition of the Global 100, realscreen‘s annual listing of the top 100 international production companies working in unscripted and non-fiction content as determined through input from the industry itself. Compiling the list for more than a decade has given the realscreen team a remarkable vantage point from which to observe the evolution of the industry. True, it has also provided its share of sleepless nights for the team, but so it goes.

From its first appearance in these pages, in 2006, the list evolves on a yearly basis, reflecting not only the production talent behind the best factual content of the previous calendar year, but also the shifting sands of the industry itself — providing insight into hot genres of programming at any given time, as well as the ever-expanding range of platforms showcasing the goods.

In recent years, change in the industry has been reflected via the Global 100 in the number of companies that are part of larger conglomerates, ranging from the indies within the super-indies, to production divisions of broadcast entities scoring commissions with other broadcasters. And of course, there is still, thankfully, plenty of room for the lone wolves, or “true indies.”

On that topic: if you notice a Planet Earth II-sized hole in the list, it’s because in 2017, BBC Studios (officially launched earlier this week) had only produced content for the BBC. Absolutely wonderful content, yes — but in keeping with our criteria that broadcaster-owned production arms need to be producing for other outlets during the year in question, we weren’t able to include them in the list this year.

On to the list, then. As always, thanks to those of you who chimed in with thoughts, opinions and feedback — all of which helped shape this snapshot of the best in factual content from the past year. Barry Walsh, editor and content director, Realscreen


Alibi Entertainment
Titanic: The New Evidence; Lost Secrets of the Pyramid

Big Coat Productions
Love it or List It

Buck Productions
What it Takes to be Extraordinary; Like a Tourist

Cineflix Productions
Mayday; Property Brothers

CMJ Productions II
Guilty Rich; Fatal Vows

Cream Productions
Son of Sam: The Hunt for a Killer

Frantic Films
Backyard Builds; Still Standing

Great Pacific Media
Heavy Rescue: 401; Highway Thru Hell

Insight Productions
Amazing Race Canada; The Launch

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