Every morning when they go out the door, they know it may be the last time they kiss their family goodbye. Strapping a gun around their waist or putting on a protective outfit is their daily routine. They try not to think about what can happen to them - or they wouldn't be able to do their jobs. Every day, they confront the sorts of things that make the rest of us afraid.

They are the RISK TAKERS!

In each episode of this 18 part, hour-long series, we will get to know one or more individuals who do the kinds of jobs most of us couldn't - or wouldn't dare - do. Whether it's too risky, too dangerous, or simply too much adrenaline, the way the RISK TAKERS earn their paycheques is beyond the ordinary - every day! Who are the RISK TAKERS? One is a police officer in the murder capital of the United States. Another is a firefighter who regularly searches for people to rescue in the middle of a flaming building. Another is the first on the scene of a nasty traffic accident, and there are many more.

101 - Phoenix Fire Fighters
102 - Alligators
103 - Hurricane
104 - Forest Fire
105 - Police
106 - Race Track Rescuers
107 - Bull Fighters
108 - SWAT
201 - Border Patrol
202 - High Risk Photographer
203 - Bounty Hunters
204 - Killer Bees
205 - Stunt Performers
206 - Polar Bears
207 - Blasters
208 - Paramedics
209 - Loggers
210 - Coast Guards

Risk Takers
18 x 60 minutes
Year - 2007
Format - HD
Original Version - English
International Version - Available
Producer - CMJ Productions II inc.

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