Celebrities' deaths - much like their lives - can be controversial, fascinating and full of drama. If a celebrity dies young, and at the height of their career, they are instantly immortalized. Their names immediately fill the tabloids, as everyone from experts, to loved ones, to fans, even doctors speculate about the real reasons behind their deaths. If the celebrity dies old, their fame might have diminished by the time they kick the bucket. Whatever the case, one thing remains true: when a celebrity dies, EVERYTHING they've amassed during their lives - their fame, their accomplishments, and their possessions - stays behind. But unlike fame, which is just their reputation, possessions are real things - expensive things. So, what happens to them? Where do these possessions go when the celebrity dies?

In Celebrity Legacies we find out how rich the famous really were when they died. And as with any famous death where there is big money involved, there are always a few surprises. Who tried to lay claim to the inheritance - and who actually got it? What lavishliving celebrities really died penniless? Who inherited their debts? We'll also look at how their fortunes have grown since they've died and how some celebrities are still making the highest-paid lists years after their death.

101 - Jim Morrison
102 - James Gandolfini
103 - Anna Nicole Smith
104 - Whitney Houston
105 - John Lennon
106 - Elvis Presley
107 - JFK Jr.
108 - Aaron Spelling
109 - Kurt Cobain
110 - Bob Marley
111 - Ray Charles
112 - Heath Ledger
113 - Tupac
114 - Elizabeth Taylor
115 - George Harrison
116 - Marlon Brando
117 - John Wayne
118 - Farrah Fawcett
119 - Jimi Hendrix
120 - Marilyn Monroe
121 - James Dean
122 - Marvin Gaye
123 - Dennis Hopper
124 - James Brown
125 - Albert Einstein
126 - Diana Spencer

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