The Will is a 32 episode, hour-long investigative documentary series that explores the family intrigues, legal wrangling, conflict and greed surrounding some of the most curious and contentious real-life stories of family inheritance.

Real Heirs. Real Stakes. Real Drama.

Steeped in circumstances, legal complexities and raw family emotion, a will has the ability to tear families apart or bring them together. In THE WILL: FAMILY SECRETS REVEALED, viewers are invited on an emotional and intimate journey as the final wishes of the deceased are revealed to the family members left behind.

Expressed in dollars and cents, heirlooms and even last words of wisdom, people’s wills are often a telling reflection of what they perceived of their loved ones. But is there room for interpretation? Or worse - what if a person leaves no will at all?

Each hour-long episode of the THE WILL: FAMILY SECRETS REVEALED uncovers a single, fascinating estate case – exposing the intriguing family drama, surprising twists and turns and legal complications that surround it.

Imagine the three adopted sons of Billy Tipton discovering upon their father’s death that he was in fact a woman! Or Walter Robinson’s brother and sister, who thought they were to inherit their brother’s life savings until his lawyer swept in and stole the estate first. Always debatable, THE WILL: FAMILY SECRETS REVEALED also tells the stories of estate disputes surrounding recognizable Hollywood stars such as Oscar-winning actress Joan Crawford, who disinherited her own daughter Christina, and legendary country music star Hank Williams whose only daughter had to battle against fraud and conspiracy to retain a right to famous father’s legacy.

Whatever the case, audiences will relive these fascinating, true-life stories through intimate, first person interviews with the actual players involved witnessing how the high-stakes play out from all opposing sides.

THE WILL: FAMILY SECRETS REVEALED grabs hold of viewers by giving them a whole new appreciation for the captivating, dramatic final chapters that are scripted by us – intentionally or unintentionally – from beyond the grave.

The Will: Season 3

Celebrity wills !

301 - The Estate of Ted Williams
302 - The Estate of John Kennedy Toole
303 - The Estate of Etta James
304 - The Estate of Steig Larsen
305 - The Estate of Tammy Wynette
306 - The Estate of Robert Johnson
307 - The Estate of James Brown
308 - The Estate of Jimi Hendrix
309 - The Estate of Jerry Garcia
310 - The Estate of Brooke Astor
311 - The Estate of Gary Coleman
312 - The Estate of Genevieve Gore

The Will: Season 2

201 – The Estate of Johnnie Taylor
202 – The Estate of Art Hadley
203 – The Estate of Conway Twitty
204 – The Estate of Lillian Garis Booth
205 – The Estate of Rock Hudson
206 – The Estate of Wayne Perry
207 – The Estate of Ritchie Valens
208 – The Estate of Norman Hipel
209 - The Estate of Andy Warhol
210 - The Estate of LaTanya Haggerty

The Will: Season 1

101 - The Estate of Kitty Tipton Oakes
102 - The Estate of Wilbur Robinson
103 - The Estate of Mary Sheehan
104 - The Estate of Hank Williams
105 - The Estate of Joan Crawford
106 - The Estate of Joey Bishop
107 - The Estate of Frederic C. Dumaine
108 - The Estate of Doris Duke
109 - The Estate of Howard Hughes
110 - The Estate of Frankie Lymon

The Will
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Year - 2010-12
Format - HD
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