Spite, greed, backstabbing and betrayal. When marriages fall apart, divorce can turn ugly… sometimes deadly. Divorce can bring out the worst in people, sometimes leading them to do shocking things they never imagined they were capable of - including murder.

Based on the public court documents of riveting divorce and murder court proceedings, Fatal vows is a twentythree-part, hour-long documentary series that explores tumultuous, shocking and high-stake divorces and the deadly murders linked to them. The stories in this series reveal the darker depths of human psychology and how an ended relationship can trigger someone to kill.

101 - Lyon case
When Nancy Lyon mysteriously dies in hospital, suspicions soon fall on her estranged husband Richard. But soon other suspects are revealed: could it have been her brother? Did Nancy take her own life? Or did she deliberately try and frame her husband?
102 - Richter Case
Soon after John Pitman and Tracey Richter are married, John fears for his life. The family pets disappear, Tracey pulls a gun, and a private eye claims that Tracey is out to get him. But a neighbor ends up dead and Tracey says that John is behind it all.
103 - Kahler Case
Kraig and Karen Kahler enjoy a life of influence and privilege in the conservative town of Weatherford Texas. Just beneath the surface of their marriage however lies a mix of sexual obsession and control that will ultimately spin out of control and destroy everything they have.
104 - Burleson Case
When detectives find Pauletta Burleson murdered outside her home, the evidence appears stacked against her husband Pastor Tracy Burleson. But a trail of strained relationships and a sordid love triangle soon reveal more than one person wanted her dead.
105 - Rudavsky Case
Elizabeth and Angelo seem like a typical young couple in love, to others in the rural Canadian farming village of Glencoe, Ontario. Their whirlwind romance is followed by a shotgun wedding… and news they’re having a baby. But their union is built on layers of lies – and the escalating violence will culminate in tragedy.
106 - Klosterman Case
When Bob Klosterman fails to become an Admiral in the US Navy his relationship with his wife Becky slowly falls to pieces. Prostitutes and countless lies signal a messy divorce until, one day, a chilling murder ends their relationship instead.
107 - Moonda Case
Donna and Gulam Moonda are the envy of many. She’s a pretty, all-American girl. He’s a wealthy, beloved doctor more than two decades her senior. Their May-December romance lasts a quarter century… Until a mystery gunman blows away the flimsy façade of perfection—exposing a marriage fraught with infidelity, drug abuse and a treacherous act of betrayal.
108 - Pugh Case
Chris and Karon Pugh seem like a model working class couple living in the small seaside town of Barry, Wales. The neighbors admire their spotless house, and bustling schedule. But the cleanest house in town hides some very dirty secrets that will result in unimaginable violence.
109 - Sutorius Case
Daryl and Dante Sutorius, revel in the luxuries of their exclusive neighborhood of Symmes Creek, Cincinnati. Daryl is a successful heart surgeon and Dante, a beautiful divorcee. They have a pristine home with a Jaguar parked out front. But the newly married couple has dark secrets that will tragically unravel.
110 - Duke Case
High school sweethearts Bob Duke and Liana Davidson do the ‘right thing’ when she gets pregnant. They marry on his graduation day—and friends in the tight-knit Wyoming town applaud them. But the shattered dreams of youth will plunge one of them to depths of despair—and the other to the bottom of a cliff.
201 - Garner / Hall case
High school sweethearts Michelle and Britt rekindle their romance after nearly 20 years apart. Despite three failed marriages between them, and six children from previous relationships, they’re optimistic about the future. But this small-town Georgia family is a far cry from the Brady Bunch… And when Britt and Michelle combine their lives in what’s supposed to be their ‘dream home’, they bring unseen baggage that unleashes a nightmare of infidelity, violence and murder.
202 - Dixiano Case
Angela Neal is a fun-loving free spirit who comes to Anchorage, Alaska to escape her checkered past. Her counselor Mike Dixiano resolves to help her through her struggles… Until they fall madly in love, and Mike is fired from his job. They couple quickly marries, full of hope for the future. But soon vices long buried will come back to haunt them… And demons from the past will drive one of them into the grave.
203 - Trussell / Harrod Case
Kelly and Punkie are teenagers in love. They marry almost as soon as the law will allow, and plan to raise their children in a cozy home, deep in rural Kansas. But things take a turn for the worse when they befriend Tammy and Jerry, a sexually adventurous couple at the local speedway. They’re about to learn the hard way that two’s company, three’s a crowd, and four is conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree.
204 - Winter / Palacio Case
Jennifer resists Cristobal Palacio’s advances for three years, preferring his company in the ‘friend zone’. Then, she develops the debilitating symptoms of lupus. Cristobal helps her through this tough time, and she’s grateful enough for the support and companionship to marry him. But after they tie the knot, Jennifer discovers Cristobal’s manic compulsion to control and psychologically abuse her—a compulsion that peaks when she leaves him for another man.
205 - Dally Case
Michael Dally and Sherri Guess are typical sun-kissed California high school sweethearts: young, in love and bursting with hope. They seem a like perfect match, and their two young boys reinforce their image as the all-American family. But when Michael takes up with an alluring colleague named Diana in a not-so-secret affair, the fear of divorce will lead the couple down a dark path of jealousy, abuse, conspiracy… And human sacrifice.
206 - Postma Case
When Ed Postma, a Florida truck driver with a bad boy reputation, meets single mom Jackie Rosser, the sparks fly right away. A hasty pregnancy seals the deal—and despite questions about whether Ed’s the father, the couple eventually marries. But when Ed straightens out to become a family man, there are new bad boys waiting in the wings to capture Jackie’s affections. And when the passion in their marriage dies, it takes another casualty as collateral damage.
207 - Weldon Case
Amanda and Tonch Weldon seem like the quintessential corn-fed Iowa farming couple. But behind closed doors on their pristine rural property, their cravings are quite kinky. It takes Tonch and Amanda a series of threesomes to add spice to an otherwise pedestrian marriage. Their secret swinging lifestyle works well for years… Until one of the couple’s lovers drives a deep wedge between them—and their love triangle takes a sharp, and deadly turn.
208 - Gatlin Case
High schooler Tammy Ellis likes bad boys, from the wrong side of the tracks, and charismatic loner David Gatlin is right up her street. Rebelling from a strait-laced life in small-town Mississippi, she ignores her furious parents and elopes to Georgia. But reality sets in when the money dries up, and living in a car is no life for a pregnant bride and her hot-headed husband. As David's dark history is revealed, an attempted divorce is the catalyst for a terrifying and bloody confrontation - with an extraordinary outcome that condemns the innocent, and pardons the guilty.
209 - Tobyne Case
After a rocky start, and a bad gamble on the stock market, Shari and Dwight Tobyne escape their rural small-town roots and start pursuing their dream: making it big. With business booming, they earn their way into an affluent suburb of Phoenix, Arizona and enjoy a moneyed life among the golfing elites at the Scottsdale golf and country clubs. But untrammelled ambition will prove their undoing. As a financial fraud is revealed, so normality and decency slips away, turning this marriage into a web of deception - and ultimately a terrible and gruesome tragedy.
210 - Patton Case
Janene and Troy Patton are madly in love when they marry in small-town Illinois, combining their two families from previous relationships. Troy’s a much-loved delivery driver for Pepsi, and Janene a tough-as-nails nursing aid, and they're both the life of the party - a perfect match. But with four kids to support, unexplained black holes in the family bank accounts forces them to the brink of financial disaster, and an addiction to diet pills pushes an already volatile relationship into recriminations and violence. When Janene claims one of her psychiatric patients raped her, the fallout proves deadly.
211 - Hornsby Case
Amanda Hornsby believes she's finally found the man she deserves. Woody Smith is nothing like her first husband, who stole her money and deserted her after a six months. Woody's older and more mature - but he has baggage of his own, and after two kids and a few years, storm clouds gather. Amanda has her eye on a young man with ambition, unlike her increasingly absent husband. Threats, blackmail and paranoia make a tense situation worse. And then a toxic cocktail of jealously, infidelity and energy drinks plunges them both into an abyss of sex and violence.
212 - Sharon Nelson Case
Sharon and Perry Nelson shake off their former spouses and fall for each other, shocking the conservative inhabitants of Rocky Ford, Colorado. But the fresh air and God-fearing tendencies of this respectable community do nothing to deter the dark forces at work in a marriage that was certainly not made in heaven. As the relationship falters, a new lover, lurking on the fringes of the family, threatens to introduce more than a dash of violence into an already volatile mix. An apparent accident and a botched execution reveals the true colours of a practised sociopath, who will almost get away with murder.
213 - Maggio Case
Hattie Rennolds is an attractive single mom, struggling to provide for her daughter in a low-rent Baton Rouge neighborhood, when she meets a man fifteen years her senior. A veteran of Narcotics Anonymous, Frederick is proud of his sobriety and he's eager to start a family. Within a year the pair are married and Hattie is pregnant; but this fast and furious romance descends just as quickly into boredom, bitterness and an acrimonious divorce. A drug-addled friend injects some unneeded chaos into an already volatile custody dispute, landing one of them in prison and the other six feet under.
301 - Parker case
John Parker is an up-and-comer who falls for Judy, a nice girl from the wrong side of the tracks. For years, John uses his wealth and status to keep his new wife happy—and in line. But gradually Judy’s rumored romantic entanglements with a string of John’s employees prove to be too much for John to bear—and an execution-style shooting outside their vacuum sales franchise blows the cover off a sinister plot… where murder is a family affair.
302 - Kelly Case
Marcia’s relationship with Texas trucker James endures many hardships—fights, breakups, and resentment from Marcia’s teenage daughter Shaina who wants James out of their lives. Even the couple’s Valentine’s Day wedding is postponed when James is sent to prison. But true devotion knows no bounds; and when James is released, he and Marcia can finally marry. Things are looking up—until greed and deceit set off a chain reaction that leads to six arrests… and one dead body.
303 - Kane Case
Tommy and Tamara Kane appear to have it all. He’s a pro football player for the Seattle Seahawks; she’s a devoted mother to their four young children, 3,000 miles away in their hometown of Montreal. They make the most of long distance love… Until Tommy’s career is cut short—and he must start from scratch, at home with Tamara. Distance may have kept this couple together… Now proximity will tear them apart.
304 - Porter Case
Karla and Ray Porter are the envy of their suburban neighbors. They have a beautiful home, a perfectly manicured lawn and what seems to be a thriving family-run gas station. But after more than 20 years of marriage, Karla’s loyalties are no longer with her husband. And when Ray unearths the depths of her betrayal, his own dark side is revealed—and a bizarre chain of events is set into motion that ends with one of them facing the wrong side of a gun barrel.
305 - Burney Case
Arthur Burney believes it’s true love when he ditches his longtime wife and their two children… To run off with Patricia Meeks, the waitress from his favorite bar. But soon Arthur and Patricia are married with a daughter of their own… And shock turns to resignation and eventually acceptance as the old and new families do their best to get along in their tiny community. Until the night of Arthur and Patricia’s 16th wedding anniversary, when tensions in this tangled web of love and lies are stretched to the limit… And someone finally snaps.
306 - Duvall Case
Sparks fly when picture-perfect divorcés Tami and Alan meet at a wedding - within months they’re married too. But the good times don’t last for long; Alan’s a heavy drinker who doesn’t get along with Tami’s youngest daughter—while Tami uses her sultry good looks to get what she wants from every man she meets. And when one of them turns up dead, it only proves that murder is a dish best served with whipped cream and chocolate pudding.
307 - Buschman Case
In 1993, Tanya Buschman is a pretty, outgoing and well-liked 26 year old, and is just getting out of a nasty marriage when she falls for the dark and handsome Michel Bérubé, the bartender at a local haunt in Montreal, Canada. They eventually marry and are the envy of their friends. But it’s not long before this golden couple’s seemingly happy relationship begins to unravel—and jealousy becomes foreplay for a suspicious suicide that has friends pointing fingers at friends.
308 - Holman Case
Pretty, young Tammy wins the heart of older, charismatic Larry. A wedding and two children later, their lives seem perfect. But when their kids start school, and Larry’s either off working, or indulging in his favourite pastime hunting, Tammy looks to other men to occupy her time. As Larry grows suspicious of her behaviour, their marriage disintegrates into a high stakes hunt that will leave one dead and the other behind bars.
309 - Stager Case
In the summer of 1978, high school baseball coach Russell Stager is only separated from his wife for a few months when he meets the woman who will become his next betrothed—Barbara, a petite blonde and devoted mother of two. Both Russ and Barbara have an appetite for the high life and eventually become members of the local country club in Durham, North Carolina, and even buy a second home on the beach. But less than a decade after tying the knot, marital bliss will be replaced with a web of lies and betrayal that will push someone over the edge.
310 - Landrum Case
Music promoter Tony Smith is trying to turn his life around when he finds the perfect spiritual and romantic guide in the gorgeous and God-fearing former actress, Lilius Landrum. They pledge their undying love for one another in a sacred and secret ceremony. But when Tony learns Lilius is still legally married to someone else, the couple sets off together down a dark path that ends in the execution of the most horrific sin imaginable.
311 - Dingle Case
Steve Dingle, a young Filipino immigrant who lives in Hawaii, returns to his homeland to find a bride. It seems like a match made in heaven when he meets Cathy, the pretty granddaughter of a family friend. But like the volcanoes their Hawaiian paradise is built on, pressures are building in their marriage that will explode into infidelity, violence… and murder.
312 - Watson Case
John and Evie Watson manage to bridge the gap between their ages, cultures and languages to be together. But after more than a quarter century of marriage—the pillars of their love have crumbled to pieces.

John gambles everything on one last trip to Las Vegas but tempers flare and secrets are uncovered – leaving nothing but heartbreak and a missing person in their wake. And buried beneath the rubble is a closetful of gruesome skeletons just waiting to be dug up.
313 - Belajonas Case
Christina Corrigan is a nursing student with a dream to make it in the Big Apple on her own. But just two years later, things aren’t going according to plan—and she’s forced to drop out of college. The only thing she has going for her is Keith Belajonas, a cute 25-year-old she meets online. The two have instant chemistry when they pair up in person, and after a couple of years and kids, they marry.

But the honeymoon won’t last long, and the jagged edges of their broken dreams will lead to a blood bath.
401 - Taylor case
Pamela and Michael fall back in love, twenty years after the high school sweethearts break up. But the issues that first drove them apart have intensified over the years—and their second chance at love turns deadly.
402 - Baldwin Case
Wild-child Kim is on a mission to turn her life around when she meets Frank, a beacon of stability. They say opposites attract—but in this case it’s fatal attraction.
403 - Allen Case
Rodeo start Matt Allen finds southern comfort in the arms of country girl Elsie Wells. Until she finds his best friend—and they all discover a thick gumbo of trouble.
404 - Billis Case
Charlie and Christine search for a simpler life in Vermont. But a terrible car crash uncovers secrets so complicated, they’re deadly.
405 - Barker Case
Jerry Barker falls hard for Rebecca after the death of his first wife—and together they open a general store. But the shelf-life on their happiness is short-lived—and when it comes to murder, practice doesn't make perfect.
406 - Snyder Case
Mike is a master mechanic whose courtship with Ellen is fast and furious. But the couple’s union veers onto a collision course that ends in tragedy.
407 - Chase Case
It’s love at second sight, when Antoinette and Spencer hook up at their ten-year high school reunion. But after decades of supporting her husband financially, Antoinette realizes she’d be better off without… And the consequences are tragic.
408 - Richardson Case
Tom and Juanita give their love one more shot when they take a second honeymoon. But for the Richardsons, there are no second chances—just a sharp cliff with a long way to fall.
409 - Cartmellh Case
A handsome marine lands the girl of his dreams. But the perils of long distance love pushes these newlyweds to the edge of sanity. And when Shari and Deon’s romance misfires in a tragic accident—the collateral damage is deadly.
410 - Bush Case
Lynn and David Bush are in love, in shape, in tune with each other’s values, views and goals. So suspicions of infidelity are met with surprise. But while there’s no smoke without fire, can there be murder with no body?
411 - Cotta Case
Cassie is a free-spirited bartender when she meets family-guy Brent—the rock to her roll. But a spark this intense can only explode—and one of these bright lights will extinguish in tragedy.
412 - Tomassoni Case
Gary and Helen have two kids, two cars and a lot of love. But when Gary’s favorite pastime—blackjack—becomes more of a habit than a hobby, he and Helen go to extraordinary lengths to recoup their losses.
413 - Schockner Case
Lynn and Manfred Schockner are millionaire executives at an aerospace engineering company. But underneath their privilege lies a twisted rage that ends in a lethal conspiracy…
501 - Lewis case
While mourning the death of his wife, Julian falls hard for his much-younger coworker Teresa. For a time, her spunk lifts him out of to his sorrows… Until a sordid affair plunges him even deeper into the abyss.
502 - Bechler Case
California beauty Pegye meets ace volleyball player Eric on the pristine sands of Newport Beach. With good looks and success—they look like they’ve got it all… But hedonism comes at a price, and living the dream quickly becomes a waking nightmare.
503 - Dennis Case
Carli wants to be a cop but instead, she marries one. But Jeff takes his role as protector a little more seriously than fun-loving Carli can handle. And her attempts to break free from the confines of wedlock sets off a chain events that turn deadly.
504 - Yunk Case
Luther is a minister’s son who falls hard for a pastor’s daughter, Anita. With love and faith, they make it work—until the work runs out. And the crushing blow of failure turns heaven-on-earth into a bloody hell.
505 - Craft Case
Tom and Lynette’s love story spans decades—from grade school, to a posh house with a pool. But dark secrets from the bedroom bleed out onto other aspects of the marriage... And a dangerous obsession rips their romance into pieces.
506 - Bozarth Case
Ed is a retired pilot whose sense of adventure is reawakened by a seaside encounter with the much-younger Denise. The couple sets up an idyllic life on a boat in a Florida marina—until a sudden change in fortune rocks the couple’s romantic seas forever.
507 - Bonnell Case
Janice thinks Brett is a good-old-fashioned, country boy who just needs a woman’s touch. And Brett thinks she’s the ideal woman to turn his country house into a home. But as family tragedies mount, their dream of a perfect life together soon goes up in flames….
508 - Clark Case
Eric gives up the Marines to follow his dream as a baker… And believes he’s found the sweetest confection possible when he falls in love-at-first-site on a blind date with Constance. These foodies indulge in the good life… Until a seven-year itch is scratched, by murder.
509 - Griffith Case
Julie and Keith’s relationship stands the test of time. But after thirty-five years together, a profound restlessness seeps into the foundations of their union. And as these lifelong partners pursue very private adventures, their once fiery love is reduced… To ash.
510 - Despain Case
Marc and Michelle’s teenage romance is fast—and serious. But these spring chickens have a hard time crawling out of their respective parents’ nests… And when their family ties get caught in a tug of war—the binds will snap and break.
511 - Yancey Case
High school sweethearts Linda and Derrick Yancey are now sheriff’s deputies with the perfect marriage. But a closer look beyond the nice house and perfectly manicured lawn reveals a shocking tale of good cop / bad cop that can only end in a fugitive on the run.
512 - Boczkowski Case
When Tim meets Maryann at a Catholic mixer—it’s a match made in heaven. But while the future looks bright, a dark cloud gathers on the horizon… It’s the shadow of Tim’s ex-wife. Despite the best intentions everyone knows that raising a family—can be murder.
513 - Southworth Case
Worlds collide when Donald and Umi fall in love, in Indonesia. But as Umi strives to become the perfect American woman back in Don’s native Kentucky, he longs for something—or someone—more exotic… And when this unorthodox family is divided—only one can conquer.
601 - HILLRICH Case
Young, rich, and religious, John and Nikki Hillrich fall in love at college. It’s a match made in heaven -but hell is not far off. When desire collides with faith, secret lives marked by sinful liaisons and menacing new friends shatter their perfect life.
602 - BROWN Case
Cecil and Larlane Brown have been together for years. But their secrets and lies, ignored and neglected for decades, threaten to turn their 50-year relationship into a bloody battleground.
603 - TRIANO Case
A gold-digging socialite, a wealthy real estate mogul – when Gary and Pam Triano’s whirlwind romance results in marriage, shady business deals, betrayals, and one very bitter custody battle lead to a climax that’s nothing short of explosive.
604 - WILLIAMS Case
When Opal Skidmore marries Steven Williams, their love is a second chance for the pair to live out their dreams. Until boredom and the lure of the open road spark hidden desires and sexual hijinks – leaving this open marriage anything but happy.
605 - MUSCALINO Case
Nurses Lara Crockett and Ricardo Muscalino meet on the night shift. He’s ambitious, and sets about creating a rich life for them – and she’s happy to go along. But his scheming eventually drives Lara into the arms of another man… with explosive results.
606 - NICOLOSI Case
Francis “Nicky” Nicolosi and his devout new wife Ellie are living out the perfect retirement. But when one is found dead in an apple orchard, police discover that there’s more to this seemingly frail and religious couple than anyone imagined.
607 - POLITTE Case
Stephanie and Daniel are young, in love, and happily balancing work and play. But before long, tensions are set off by disappointment, self-loathing, and a mutual affection for the bottle. And by the final curtain call, only one of them is left standing.
608 - KLINE Case
Most high school love ends in heartbreak. But not for between Richard and Jolena – years later, their love is rekindled-- but one of them is married to someone else. Tempers flare, trust is betrayed, and one of the triangle is will end up dead.
609 - GLANDA Case
Julie and Keith’s relationship stands the test of time. But after thirty-five years together, a profound restlessness seeps into the foundations of their union. And as these lifelong partners pursue very private adventures, their once fiery love is reduced… To ash.
610 - PANTAZES Case
Longtime married couple Dino and Clara run a successful bail bond company. But when Dino’s long hours and a missing bail jumper make Clara both suspicious and nervous, a hidden secret is all it takes to make this bond come undone in the blink of an eye.
611 - STOUDT Case
Corinne isn’t a demanding woman - she just wants what many lonely people want: a second chance at love. And when she meets Calvin Stoudt she finally gets it. But a too-close roommate and a monstrous past turn this second chance into a deadly battleground.
612 - HOLLAND Case
It’s a military match made in heaven for Roger and Margorie. But a tangled nest of financial secrets and twisted lies ruins the young couple’s future. And while the rise of their careers and romance seems meteoric, the ensuing fall is deadly.
613 - TBC

Fatal Vows
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