Outrageous Final Wishes pulls back the curtain to reveal that some people's final wishes aren’t just about dividing up the estate and deciding what should go on their tombstone, they’re a last opportunity to make explosive, shocking final wishes!

From Star Trek creator Gene Roddenerry’s desire to have his ashes shot into space, to Ingrid Newkirk’s desire to have her skin turned into wallets, there’s no shortage of startling last requests to be found. Outrageous Final Wishesis a 3-part, hour-long, documentary series that explores the zaniest and most outrageous wills ever devised.

Episode - 101
Episode - 102
Episode - 103

Outrageous Final Wishes
3 x 60 minutes
Year - 2011
Format - HD
Original Version - English
International Version - Available
Producer - CMJ Productions II inc.

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