Stunt performers live for their work. They are perfectionists that have mastered the craft of stunts that few of us would even dare to take on. So what drives these real life super heroes to willingly throw themselves off ten-storey buildings, gladly crash a speeding motorbike or eagerly set themselves on fire? It's the thrill of the game; the adrenaline rush. It's the excitement of working in the Hollywood film and television industry and skillfully doing the stunts they love. It's pushing their physical abilities to the limit and going another mile on top of that. For stunt performers, conquering the impossible and performing the incredible is a passion they can't deny.

They are the STUNT STARS!

In each episode of this 10-part, action-packed series, STUNT STARS will introduce viewers to a different set of professional stunt performers working on a popular film or television production. Whether they're doing large battle stunts, aerial stunts, fire stunts, high fall stunts or precision driving stunts, STUNT STARS will be there 'behind-the-scenes' to witness the extremes that stunt performers must go, to bring exciting action to life!

101 - The 4400
102 - To Live and Die
103 - Never Back Down
104 - Passchendale
105 - Far Cry
106 - Stunt School
107 - Freezer Burn
108 - Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
109 - Lies and Illusions
110 - Tekken

Stunt Stars
10 x 60 minutes
Year - 2007-08
Format - HD
Original Version - English
International Version - Available
Producer - CMJ Productions II inc.

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