How The World Ends explores some of the most widely-held current doomsday forecasts and closely examines their impending timeline to destruction. From the natural, to the religious, to the astro-physical, the series bring viewers the people, the science and the history behind each theory and probes for evidence for and against each scenario. Comparing every idea to a close predecessor, we’ll discover if this is just another crazy sect or if these people actually on to something.

Every episode digs into the persuasive cases believers make and details the threats they claim are still imminent. Experts weigh in, offering evidence that validates these warnings. Meanwhile, those who were adversely affected by false predictions in the past offer warnings of their own, highlighting the questionable motives and leadership practices that deceived them.

By examining the strengths and weaknesses of each theory, this series puts the threats in perspective. After all, it’s our skepticism that allows us to emerge from these prophecies of doom unscathed. But this skepticism can also be a danger, blinding us to real threats we might be able to avoid. Sounding alarm bells and making the dangers clear, How The World Ends forces viewers to reckon with—rather than simply dismiss—the worst-case scenarios that haunt the human race.

101 - Biblical
In suburban Oklahoma, a messianic group is preparing for the End of Days. Join them on a camping trip in preparation for an imminent and terrifying cataclysm: the Tribulation, a three and a half year long global catastrophe that will kill billions of people and plunge the planet into chaos. With the guidance of a man known as the Moses of America, they expect to survive these world-shattering events. But survivors and skeptics attest to the failings of faith - and the power of delusion. Set against the flawed history of biblical prophecy, and the dangerous apocalyptic philosophy of violent groups like ISIS, we discover the dark side of End Times prophecy.
102 - Nuclear
The Cold War might be long gone, but the nuclear threat has re-emerged. North Korea, terrorism and a newly belligerent Russia are all new and unpredictable players on the international nuclear stage. As tensions with the West reach new heights, we reveal the checkered history of the atomic accidents and missteps, and reality behind the fog of nuclear war. Discover the moment-by-moment damage a single nuke can wreak. Meet nuclear preparedness enthusiasts as they dig their bunkers and stockpile supplies. They’ll explain how they expect to survive what they see as the next global apocalypse: an all-out thermonuclear conflict and the collapse and chaos that will follow in its wake.
103 - Pandemic
Smallpox, the Black Death, Spanish Flu, AIDS, Zika. History has taught us that in the face of a new killer bacteria or virus, humankind is still vulnerable, despite the best efforts of modern medicine. Discover the true microbial threat facing the world today: a highly infectious airborne Superflu that could kill hundreds of millions of people within the space of just a few months. Meet people who are determined to survive the next global pandemic and the chaos that will ensue. Will their stockpiled supplies and survival skills be enough to ride out one of the most dangerous threats to our species?
104 - Planet X
A giant hidden planet with a gravitational pull so strong that it would literally cause the earth to turn upside down is on course to destroy us. That’s the belief of people around the world who say Planet X has caused mass extinctions in the past and are preparing for the next celestial Armageddon. They point to the natural signs all around us as indicators of its proximity and even claim to have photographic evidence to prove it. But while astronomers admit that we are under constant threat from objects from outer space, they claim that no such planet exists.
105 - Nostradamus
The words of a medieval prophet have captivated the world for more than four hundred years. His cryptic prophecies have predicted some of the most dramatic and tragic events in history with chilling accuracy with the worst to come. According to Nostradamus, the coming decade will see the destruction of planet earth and humankind as we know it. But now, some of his followers claim that Nostradamus was not simply informing us of an apocalyptic future – he was warning us against it. As some prepare for the end of the world, others are trying to alter the course of history.
106 - Alien Invasion
With the recent discovery of thousands of earth-like planets in the universe the search for intelligent alien life continues. Some astronomers warn that when we find it, we should be prepared for an advanced hostile extra-terrestrial species capable of and intent on wiping out planet earth with superior weapons and technology. But millions around the world say that an attack has already started and an insidious take-over is underway. Alien abductees and researchers make the case for a treacherous breeding program that’s creating an army of telepathic human/alien hybrids while scientists claim we are still decades away from making contact.

How The World Ends
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