"Affluenza" is a word ripped from today’s headlines and used to excuse the bad behavior of the super-wealthy. The condition affl icts only the extremely rich, and occurs when excessive money, power and privilege corrodes the moral compass, warps reality and makes right and wrong impossible to decode. The word is new, but this disorder has been disastrous for decades.

Guilty Rich uses stories of “affluenza” crimes as a window into the lavish lifestyles and extreme wealth that caused them. This unique series brings viewers access to excess, like never before. Focused exclusively on stories where the uber-rich are in some way guilty, every episode pulls the curtain back on the insane money and privileged mentality that fueled each crime.

101 - Andrew Luster
Andrew Luster is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But behind the sheen of his name lurks a decade-long dark and dangerous obsession - and when justice comes knocking at his beachfront door, the privileged playboy will stop at nothing to evade the law.
102 - Scott Rothstein
Scott Rothstein is the darling of Florida’s glitterati, a high-flying lawyer who lives larger than life. But the world that he’s built is an illusion of lies that comes crashing down when his illicit secret to success is exposed.
103 - John du Pont
Known for his eccentricities and generosity, John Du Pont is used to having it all. But the Olympic wrestling team owner battles private demons and his money and power stand in the way of an unspeakable tragedy.
104 - Dino Guglielmelli
An aspiring model finds love - and a runway to success in her vitamin tycoon husband. But behind the money and the make-up is an ugly truth and when the marriage fails, with millions at stake, each wants the other out of the picture – forever.
105 - Forrest Hayes
A mild-mannered Google X exec with a taste for the latest high-tech gadgets pays the ultimate price for his new purchase. The dark truth behind Silicon Valley’s glittering success is exposed when police discover he was hiding more than industry secrets.
106 - Michael Skakel
The body of a young girl is discovered in one of America’s wealthiest enclaves and despite scant evidence, suspicion falls on an “outsider”. The case remains open for more than twenty-five years until the truth behind one of America’s most hushed up crimes is revealed.

Guilty Rich
6 X 60 minutes
Year - 2017
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