Security guards are so 1995. Masked bank holdups are yesterday’s news. Today, the most intriguing heists are like Mission: Impossible, where cunning criminals use ingenious science to outfox the high-security defenses of impregnable fortresses and walk away with millions. An Italian mastermind uses a secret pen-camera to spy the combination of an Antwerp vault, and pull off the biggest diamond theft in history. A science-savvy housewife forms the Tran gang and uses computers and hidden transmitters to “win” millions from casinos across North America. High stakes hackers breach the global banking network and in ten short hours withdraw over $40 million from ATMs around the world.

OUTLAW TECH takes you inside these unbelievable hightech crimes, unpacking the scientifi c theories, processes, and designs used by both crooks and cops as the caper unfolds. We see how science is used to both defend and attack our banks, museums, and prisons.

101 - North Korean Counterfeit Plot
North Korea makes counterfeit US $100 bills that are so technologically advanced they’re almost impossible to detect. A cyber bank robber steals $100 million using sophisticated “human hacking” techniques. And a radioactive toxin is used to kill an ex-KGB agent.
102 - The Real Ocean's 11
An Italian master thief overcomes high tech alarm systems to break into one of the best protected vaults in Europe and steal $100 million in diamonds. Modern day highway robbers use a remote control pepper spray device to hijack a truck carrying millions of dollars worth of gold bars. And tech savvy auto thieves steal hundreds of luxury cars in Toronto by hacking into them with a computer.
103 - Cocaine Sub Wars
The US Coast Guard deploys high tech sensors in a cat-and-mouse search for stealthy “narco submarines” smuggling cocaine from South America. A former refugee sets out to rob a casino using smoke bombs, a gas-powered skateboard and the sewer system.
104 - Escape of El Chapo
Mexico’s most notorious drug lord escapes prison through a precision-engineered tunnel and uses innovative counter-surveillance technology to evade capture. A high tech debit card fraud is behind a massive $40 million cash grab from thousands of ATMs around the world. And a 21st century card sharp cheats $300,000 out of a London casino by using secret gadgets worthy of 007.
105 - FBI Inside Job
The US Secret Service discovers that the leader of a hacker gang responsible for stealing thousands of credit card numbers is one of their own. Tech savvy thieves steal $75 million in prescription drugs from a warehouse by overcoming state-of-the-art security. And California gasoline thieves use cloned credit cards and dangerous home-made tanker trucks to steal fuel.
106 - World's Smartest Thief
When a priceless royal jewel is stolen in Austria, the trail leads to a self-taught tech genius who robs ATMs in Canada. Brazilian thieves tunnel into the country’s Central Bank, getting away with $70 million from a heavily fortified vault. And hackers in London try to steal $440 million through fraudulent electronic money transfers.

Outlaw Tech
6 X 60 minutes
Year - 2016-17
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