Every year in North America, there are more than SIX MILLION traffic accidents. Over 40-thousand of them result in fatalities. With roughly 250 million vehicles on North American roadways in 2003, and more drivers being licensed every single year, traffic accidents look likely to be a sorry feature of transportation for the foreseeable future. And every single one of them has a story to tell, to the eyes trained to read it.

Rusty Haight knows how to "read" accident scenes. When there is an accident to be investigated, it is no exaggeration to say "all roads lead to Rusty". Rusty is Director of the Collision Safety Institute.

Over the course of the ACCIDENT INVESTIGATOR series, we'll learn to see what Rusty Haight sees when he teaches police and emergency officials in the USA and around the world how to investigate an accident.

101 - Phantom SUV
102 - One Second
103 - Deadly Toys
104 - Road Debris
201 - End Of The Line
202 - Hardwire Horror
203 - Left Turn Tragedy
204 - Mystery Driver
205 - Dead Faint

Accident Investigator
9 x 60 minutes
Year - 2007
Format - HD
Original Version - English
International Version - Available
Producer - CMJ Productions II inc.

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