As we endure the struggles of everyday life, there's one thing we always have to look forward to: our next relaxing vacation. Whether traveling distances short or great, there's a lot riding on these adventures. For weeks or even months, we make plans and get swept up in the anticipation. But what happens when one of these vacations goes horribly wrong?

BAD TRIP is an exciting, fast-paced travel series that takes a closer look at idyllic vacation scenarios that unravel before the eyes of the families who planned them. Enduring bug-infested hotel rooms, broken-down cruise ships, and badly timed incidents of food poisoning, these travellers have confronted the dark side of travel - and lived to tell the tale.

101 - Train to Nowhere
102 - False Advertising
103 - Lost Luggage, Lost... Friends?
104 - Tuc Tuc Trouble
105 - Piranha Fishing
106 - Runaway Bus
107 - Cliffhanger!
108 - Taxi from Hell
109 - Monkey Thieves
110 - Ant Safari

Bad Trip
13 x 60 minutes
Year - 2013
Format - HD
Original Version - English
International Version - Available
Producer - CMJ Productions II inc.

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